Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Difference between On Rim Tire Change and Off Rim Tire Change

Let's take a look at some of the differences between the difference between on rim tire change vs off rim tire change from the expert and cheap Toronto tow truck service.

On rim Tire Change 

is for customers who have both winter and summer tires are on their own separate sets of rims. Commonly referred to as a seasonal tire swap, this is a more timely and economical service than it’s off rim counterpart. Usually, on rim tire change also means that your wheels will not require balancing before being re-installed on your vehicle.

Off rim Tire Change 

is for customers who use one set of rims for both winter and summer tires. As tires are coming on and off the one set of rims, off rim tire change is required that all wheels get balanced before being re-installed on the vehicle.

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Wheel Balancing - Do you need it?

An on rim tire change usually does not require wheel balancing. All other things being equal, the wheels that were balanced when coming off your automobile will still be balanced when being put back on. A sure tell sign that the wheels need balancing is if your steering wheel vibrates or shakes at highway speeds.

An off rim tire change requires wheel balancing. This is because a wheel’s true center of gravity changes each time you take a tire off its rim and put one back on. Without proper balancing, you will notice a vibration in your steering wheel and it can also cause premature tread wear.

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